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Tommaso Giovannini
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Flashcards AI
AI Flashcard generation powered by the ChatGPT API. Say goodbye to long hours of tedious note-taking, highlighting and re-reading textbooks, and instead supercharge your revision with the power of AI.

You can now create high-quality, customized flashcards in seconds based directly based off of your textbook, saving you precious time and effort that you can spend on other important tasks. Furthermore, by using flashcards you are constantly testing yourself so you know how much you have really learnt, making it far more efficient for memorization.

Just take a picture of a textbook page or copy text from a website and in seconds the AI can generate a concise list of flashcards with the key information.

• Generate flashcards with AI!
• Scan any textbook page as prompt or copy text from a website
• Alternatively you can leave the prompt field blank and get random questions on a topic of your choice
• Log in and access your flashcards from all devices
• Get flashcards read to you
• Simple and easy to use
QR Code Business Card
QR Code Business Card allows you to easily generate a QR code with your contact details and seamlessly share it with anyone. You will be surprised at how effective it is; the days of lost paper business cards are over. It can also be used to generate any QR codes containing text, URLs, and phone numbers. If a phone does not have a native QR Code scanner, you can use Google Lens to scan the QR Code.

• No Ads
• Fast
• Reliable - your contact details are saved directly on the client's phone
• Secure - all your data is stored on the device
• Environmentally friendly
• Contactless data transfer
• Simple and easy to use
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I am a young flutter app developer with an interest in Machine Learning and Data Science. I started programming 3 years ago, and it is one of my favorite hobbies. It is always amazing to get to the end of a project, release it, and see it being used all around the world.
I use flutter to build mobile apps, it is cross platform so I only need to write the code once. Flutter uses the dart language and it is a really powerful development tool.
I have worked a lot with Python from random projects in PyCharm to building neural networks on Kaggle.
I use unity Unity to build video games. I love unity because it has a very visual interface and lots of plug ins. I use C# when coding in Unity.
This is the framework I use to train my neural networks. It is great because it has tons of features and TensorBoard is very useful to see how your model is training.
Please feel free to reach out at:
[email protected]
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